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Alessia Luongo & Manuel Pernazza

Alessia Luongo and Manuel Pernazza are two artists who offer early music concerts focused on the mixture of cultured and popular pieces.
The two artists travel with their performances to Italy and all over the world.
They have been to Mahòn and Ciutadella in the Balearic Islands, France, Spain and the Netherlands.
Alessia Luongo is a singer and musician of early music of Renaissence and Baroque era and music from Southern Italy.
Manuel Pernazza is ambassador of Pulcinella’s mask in the world. Alessia Luongo and Manuel Pernazza have been awarded various prizes and awards.
The Museum of Civilizations of Rome has consecrated them „body and archive of a popular tradition“.
They are in demand at several international festivals and travel the world with their shows and concerts.
The two artists boast the collaboration and artistic consultation of the director and musicologist Maestro Roberto De Simone.



guionnet / murayama / filip

the 3 musicians perform logicfree equivalences, probing what a triangle can be.