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MUSKAUE play a music at rare volume. Entirely acoustic, free and improvised with a crazy energy, served by a dense phrasing where at each moment the readability of the speech appears like an ancestral alchemical formula.
The guitar sound mixes hard flamenco with symphonic minimalist music. The double bass becomes queen of the microtonality while the drums deploy melodies of timbres at the speed of light…

Guillaume Gargaud: Acoustic Guitar
Patrice Grente: Double Bass
Thierry Waziniak: Drums

« French, fully acoustic, how free improvisation, but released on the Warta River! Post-Bailey guitar, which is not afraid of neo-classical ornaments, seasoned, clean-sounding double bass – from post-baroque, string singing, to compulsive emotions of far blues provenance, and finally punctual, vigilant, perfectly complementing string lines. Seven 5-7 minute, compact stories on the subject, with good dramaturgy, constructed according to the principle that tasty, expressive lines should be preceded by slightly thoughtful introductions »
(Review by Andrzej Nowak for the last record OMUSUE on Torf Record in Poland)

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Zone Null

Tony Elieh – bass guitar, live-electronics
Burkhard Beins – bass guitar, live-electronics

The Berlin-based duo Zone Null unites Tony Elieh and Burkhard Beins for an unusal encounter of two bass guitars and a variety of analog and digital live-electronics. While for Elieh the bass guitar has always been a main focus of his musical activities, as an improviser and namely with the Lebanese indie rock band Scrambled Eggs, Beins only recently expanded his already wide range of extended percussion, experimental electronics and sound art by co-founding the Krautrock-Noise band Slurge as their bass player. The sonic fiction of Zone Null evolves and florishes on the broad musical horizon these two gentlemen have in common, ranging from musique concréte and contemporary composition via improvised and experimental music to electronic, post-punk and avantgarde rock.

Zone Null vereint Tony Elieh und Burkhard Beins in einer ungewöhnlichen Instrumentierung bestehend aus zwei Bassgitarren und einer Vielzahl analoger und digitaler Live-Elektronik. Während für Elieh der Bass schon immer ein Schwerpunkt seiner musikalischen Aktivitäten war, als Improvisator der Beiruter Szene und vor allem in der libanesischen Indie-Rock-Band Scrambled Eggs, hat Beins erst vor wenigen Jahren sein bereits umfangreiches Spektrum aus Perkussion, experimenteller Elektronik und Klangkunst nochmals erweitert, indem er die Krautrock-Noise-Band Slurge als deren Bassist mitgründete. Die Sonic Fiction von Zone Null entfaltet sich auf Basis eines breiten musikalischen Horizonts, den die beiden Musiker teilen, der von Musique Concréte und zeitgenössischer Komposition über improvisierte und elektronische Musik bis hin zu Post-Punk und Avantgarde-Rock reicht.

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