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LUANA MATEI – How to Cheat on Your Husband

Family & therapy, love & sex, marriage, divorce & cheating. Comedian Luana Matei will make you laugh, rethink your marriage, and act like the anti-Cupid. Come and experience it yourself. !!BE PREPARED!! Sold out in over 42 cities, across 15 countries!

— A Cheater’s Guide to Love — Yes, you can laugh about communism, infidelity, bad sex, parents, ninjas, and sleeping your way around the world in the same show! Luana’s humour is messy and dark, because, well, life is messy & dark. And if she asks you weird questions you can tell her to f$$$ off and ask her questions in return.

Luana loves people in-spite of hating most of them. She loves to idea of a couple breaking up during or after the show. It’s a joke of course! Single, married, divorced, in a relationship, situationship or just confused you’re welcome to watch the show and get involved!

–Who is Luana? IG: @luanacomedy—
Luana Matei (RO), originally from Romania, she lived in Tokyo for 12 years before getting trapped in Amsterdam during the lockdown.

In 2022/23 she began extensively touring Europe & Asia, having performed in 51 cities across 29 countries, with over 283 packed shows (160+ sold out) entertaining more than 28,000 people. Her comedy is dark, insightful, and deftly encapsulating her experiences living and traveling around the world! She takes vulnerability to another level, pushing the boundaries of „How soon is too soon?“