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Francesco Guerri

“Su Mimmi non si spara!” is a record and a concert for solo cello, based on an original repertoire, largely written and difficult to define within a genre. Surely improvisation played an important role during the first creative and genesis part of music, but the closer I came to its final form, the more I felt the need to fix its details. I felt this process necessary to keep me away from those stereotypes that I continually found hidden in improvisation. In a certain sense, I can say that I have treated my music as contemporary classical music, but freeing it through a new expressiveness, which comes from the intensity of the performance and from a physical, sometimes aggressive relationship with the instrument.
“Su Mimmi does not shoot!” Will be released as a disc in October 2019 for RareNoise records.“

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Gerri Jäger

drums – keyboard – electronics – kein laptop
Krautrock, Stolpergrooves, Noisebaladen und Dronejazzimpro.

Gerri ist in einem kleinen Tiroler Bergdorf aufgewachsen und begann im Alter von neun Jahren mit Schlagzeugspielen. Nach einigen Teenagerjahren mit Blasmusik und Blackmetal, studierte er Jazz und Improvisation an den Konservatorien Innsbruck (AT) und später in Amsterdam (NL). Seitdem lebt und arbeitet er dort und tourt regelmäßig in Holland und im Ausland.
Viele kennen Gerri vom electro-rock duo Knalpot, mit dem auf Festivals kreuz und quer über den Globus gespielt hat. Momentan ist er Bandleiter von STUG (mit Sofia Jernberg, Petter Eldh, Joachim Badenhorst und Raphael Vanoli) und dem Gerri Jäger Double Duo mit Frank Rosaly, Raphael Vanoli und Giray Gürkal. Weitere neue Projekte sind Marieke Verbiesens Loud Matter, das duo Grafwerk und seine Solo Performance.
Im Lauf der Jahre hat Gerri mit folgenden Musikern gespielt: Eirikur Olaffsson (Sigur Ros), Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (The Thing), Colin Stetson (Bon Iver), Shahzad Ismaily (Secret Chiefs), Marc Ducret (Tim Berne), Fred Frith (Brian Eno), Manu Delago (Björk), Dave Rempis (Peter Brötzmann), Frank Möbus & Rudi Mahall (Der Rote Bereich), Achim Kaufmann, Graduale Nobili (Björk), Jozef Dumoulin (Lidlboj), Franz Hautzinger (Regenorchester), Hilary Jeffery (Zeitkratzer), Mette Rasmussen (Trio Riot), Joachim Badenhorst (Han Bennink), Frans Petter Eldh (Jameszoo), Sofia Jernberg (Fire Orchestra) und Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle).

“Der Schlagzeuger Gerri Jäger koppelt seine drums an Elektronikgewirr. Er modifiziert das Schlagzeug und bedient gleichzeitig einen Berg an FX-Pedale und Keyboards. Die Tatsache, dass er sich in diesem Umfeld so gut auskennt, erregt Staunen und Bewunderung. Vor allem gelingt es ihm, mit derartiger Virtuosität, spannende Musik zu machen.” Gonzo (Circus) Magazine


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Seppo Gründler

Sounds for Catastrophes:
More and more apocalyptic scenarios are approaching us. Climate change, migration, unemployment and the prospective of massive poverty in old age leaves us totally terrified. Like rabbits before the snake we prefer to do nothing and setup in the comfort zone. So this audiovisual performance wants to deliver the swansong or the awakening, whatever You want. You hear what You get. A structured improvisation with an electric guitar as a starting point, expanded and enriched with gadgets, sampled and synthesized sounds. The visuals support this narrative by oscillating between horryfying images and pure abstract, poetic, estetic ones. Prefabricated sounds and images have been generated by machine learning algorhytms, being fed by dystopic noise and pictures.

Born 1956, lives in Graz. A sound and media artist, “tinkerer” of software and electronics. His main instruments are guitar, electronics and software. Gründler is the co-organiser of the Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, holds a PhD in medicine and is visiting professor of sound design at Donau-University Krems and assisting professor at the FH JOANNEUM-university of applied sciences, member of the board of directors of the Institute for Media Archeology and of the Society for Dissemination and Distribution of New Music. Teaches Sound- and Interaction Design at the Institute of Design and Communikation/FH JOANEUM. He has been working in the field of new media since 1982. He has composed music for computer games, music for theatre, film, media and sound installations. He has presented his works at Ars Electronica, Wiener Festwochen, Steirischer Herbst, the Knitting Factory New York, Sonambiente Berlin, Transmediale Berlin, City of Women Festival Ljubljana, Fine senca fine – Venice, Trentino, Budapest, Graz, etc. He is the creator of various CDs. His current live acts include the Klammer&Gruendler Duo, the Urban Sound Band, solo concerts, 6To6decibel, and „the nomadic producers“

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