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Project VO

Project VO is an improvising duo between Antti Virtaranta and Rieko Okuda working since 2010. Their approach is handcrafted like their limited releases „glass hopper“ (2012) and „プランクトン“ (2015), which reflect the way they navigate the free improvisation landscape. The characteristics of the music is repetitive and broken rhythms. The combination of piano and bass has expanded to include viola and small electronics, which further push the duo to explore more colors and textures for their performances.
They actively perform throughout Europe and in Japan including collaborations with different performers. More recently Project VO was invited to do a week-long residency in Budapest collaborating with a large number of Hungarian performers.



Electro-acustic trio performing a fusion of contemporary chamber music and free improvisation. On March 2019 a debut album „Waves“ has been released in Bołt Records. Our music is a result of three minds, three different musical languages, three different origins. Our meeting gave rise to open forms which draw inspiration from the tradition of music by contemporary composers, experiments with prepared instruments and elements of free jazz and folk music. Our music can simply be classified as new music.
Zofia Ilnicka – flute
Łukasz Marciniak- elec. Guitar
Jakub Wosik – violin