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In a career that spans decades and countries, Eyal Maoz is a guitarist, performer, and composer; he is an ensembles leader at albums released for Tzadik, Out Now, Piadrums, Ayler, and Chant Records, and a member of John Zorn’s Abraxas and Cobra. He recorded with John Medeski and Tim Berne, among many others, and his latest 2021 collaborative release, Transliminal Rites (featuring Grammy Award winner Frank London), was released on Orenda Records, and he recently performed with two-times Grammy winner Jakob Dinesen in Bangkok. He has played on the stages of major music festivals worldwide, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Red Sea International Jazz Festival, NYC Winter JazzFest, Newport Jazz Festival, Adelaide Festival, Australia, Jazz at Marciac, France, the Tzadik Music Festival, Israel, and more. His collaborative album of “Hypercolor” came out in in 2015, garnering rave reviews, including this Jazz Times™ statement: “It was worth the wait, as the band lets fly with a rough-edged, wildly inventive amalgam of punkish melodic provocation and rhythmic adventurism…” His ensemble Edom released a second album at Tzadik Records, following the band’s highly acclaimed album with John Medeski. His other renowned collaborative project, 9 Volt (with Tim Berne as a special guest), released its album to garner a rave from the New York Times: “Maoz…thrashes toward an expressive new-breed fusion.” MTV and NPR have both featured him. Eyal’s string quartet composition Boded won the Orchestra of Our Time Open Score Project in New York, the prestigious Scorchio Quartet recorded it, and the Praxis Quartet performed it. The notable Israeli poet Ronny Someck invited Eyal to create a musical program with him, and the result was a series of performances in Italy, to rave reviews.

Stéphane Clor solo – Rhizome

Stéphane Clor’s solo is a bad weed in constant metamorphosis which impregnates itself with the places which shelter it. He plays a piccolo cello altered by preparations and electronic elements, which makes it a polymorphous and versatile instrument. His soundscapes are composed of granular lines, vibratory incantations and saturated repetitions that the musician sculpts in imperceptible breaks, mapping the moment to reveal its multiplicity.
Stéphane Clor lives and work in Strasbourg, France. He creates music with string instruments, objects and rudimentary electronic systems. He also explores the fields of sound art, cartography, photography, drawing and ecology.