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Daniel Lercher & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

Daniel Lercher – sine tones, resonators, filtered noise
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø – amplified trombone, electronics

Daniel Lercher & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø met in the Czech countryside in 2010, as part of an improvising orchestra comprised of Austrian, Czech and Norwegian musicians, and started working as a duo shortly after. Finding common ground in fine grained and slow pulsed music, the duo went through a research period, striving to develop a common material void of all things unnecessary, where the impact of acoustic and electronic sound elements were truly balanced. While Nørstebø refined his arsenal of hisses, bass tones and pulsations with the use of close up amplification and physical micro adjustments, Lercher programmed a software that enabled him to analyze Nørstebø’s sound spectrum in real time, processing the data through electronic synthesis-methods (sine waves, resonators, filtered noise..) to create a tightly matching output, still leaving the amplified acoustic trombone unaltered. The result is tightly woven electroacoustic music, both ethereal and in-your-face.
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Duo Genthon_Marchetti

In this composition, the loudspeaker is considered as an instrument in order to favour a focused sound emission from the same vertical axis, until an entanglement between the timbres of the violin and those of the electronics is created.


Composing with the confusion of provenance and the intermingling of acoustic and electronic sounds, the two instrumentalists develop a heterophonic game from a mimetic sound material, so as to combine a focal point with a harmonic complexity that unfolds, by natural bounces, in all directions.
A volume of sound propagation, unified in the acoustic space, is thus shaped over the course of the composition by the two instrumentalists, who respond to each other in various shades.
Playing opposite each other, the audience surrounds them and finds itself as close as possible to the device, in contact with the emission of sound within the acoustic.
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