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19:00 - 23:30

Mit über einer Viertel Million Zuhörern in der Saison 2018/19 zählt Interpenetration zu den grössten und aufregendsten Veranstaltungen für riskante Musik weltweit. An diesem Donnerstag feiert die Konzertreihe ihren 50. Geburtstag und lädt dazu führende Forscherinnen und verwegene Veteranen der Experimnetalmusik ins kleine Graz und grossartige ARTist’s ein. Wer könnte es schöner formulieren als unser grösster Dadakünstler der Gegenwart: „She seems like a very happy 50-year-old girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future“


live in concert:

Liz Allbee (us)

Yuko Araki (日本)

VK (日本)

Ronin (it)


Doors: 7:00PM
Buffet: 7:00-8:00PM
The show begins at 8:00PM sharp.
The order of appearances will not be announced
…. for a reason!



Liz Allbee

Valve Strategies is a solo composition for self-designed quadraphonic trumpet, spatialized electronics and voice. As a continuation of my work it deals primarily with issues of embodiment and extensions, the relationship to and the co-evolution with an instrument-object, and the blurring of subject/object. Valve Strategies asks: who/what has sentience (and who decides)? What (other) ways are there of knowing (and who defines this, and how)?
Valve Strategies wraps this all into a pop song.


Yuko Araki

Multi-instrumentalist/composer based in Tokyo, Yuko Araki started playing piano when she was a small child and in her teenage years was inspired by hardcore and metal music, but she soon became really eclectic and took on a diverse range of projects. She’s currently the singer and electronic musician of the Acid House duo YobKiss, produced by Dutch artist Paul Borchers, the drummer of the oriental/tribal dream psych band Kuunatic and one of the founding members of the Neo classical noise duo Concierto de la Familia.
In 2017, she started her solo project: harsh noise drones layered by analog synthesisers, cymbals and samples of Japanese traditional instruments creating abstract rhythms and dissonant harmonies that sound like a noise orchestra.
In 2019 she released her first EP “I” for the Indonesian label Gerpfast Kolektif. She recently performed for Cherry Music and Sakura Festival in Denmark, Jogja Noise Bombing festival in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, DAO XUAN International festival in Vietnam and toured Europe for the first time.

Italian brand new boutique tape label Commando Vanessa has announced details of the debut album by Japanese noise artist Yuko Araki. Titled “II”, the follow up to 2019’s EP “I”, the album will be out on tape and digitally on 17 October 2019.
With „II“, Yuko Araki delivers an album of multifaceted noise fused synthscapes mixing pulsating rhythmic sound frequencies and powerful synthetic sonic layers. Her exceptional sensibility in processing extremely heavy and dense sounds makes the result sounding like nothing else you heard before: a thousand leaves oscillation sound at the same time rooted in Japanese noise but also totally different. Intergalactic noisescapes.



VK is an Audio/Visual Death Industrial Noise project.
VK was Born in Kyoto, Japan. Currently based in Berlin. Driven by the extremes of Scream, Noise and Visuals from her private shootings and some landscapes.
She focuses on the reality of 煩悩 (read „bonno“, ~ Kleshas) which means greedy endless desire of human beings. She also researches Eros, Thanatos, Sensuality ,Rituals, Sadism, Masochism, Hypnotic, Spirituality, Psychic power and Eternality.



In 1999 Bruno Dorella was the drummer of Wolfango, when he decided to form a new band combining Morricone’s western music, guitar isolationism and a certain Mediterranean and Balcan folk music. It took a while to find the right musicians, because of his punk background, but in 2003 their first self-titled EP was released.This EP became the original soundtrack of the short movie “Rocca Petrosa” by Cosimo Terlizzi.
Since the beginning, the band has performed a lot both in Italy and abroad. In 2004 they signed for Ghost records and released their first full length. The song “I Am Just Like You” was included in the original soundtrack of the movie “Tu Devi Essere Il Lupo” by Vittorio Moroni and in the final credits of the movie “Polvere” by Danilo Proietti and Massimiliano D’Epiro.
The second album “Lemming” was released by Ghost records in 2007 and it was record of the month for the italian music magazines “Rumore” and “Blow Up”. Some tracks from this album were synchronized in the documentary “Vogliamo Anche Le Rose” by Alina Marazzi, for which Ronin composed the original score as well.
The third album “L’Ultimo Re” was released in 2009, still on Ghost. The band toured extensively both in Italy and abroad.
The fourth album “Fenice” was released in 2012, this time by Santeria Records, and it was followed by a long European tour. Again, it was record of the month for Blow Up magazine.
In 2013 they have released the single “Twin Peaks” in which they play two of the famous tv series themes.
After the live soundtrack for Kim Ki-Duk’s “The Isle”, commissioned by Mosaico Film Festival in Ravenna, in early 2014 they released another original movie soundtrack for “Il Terzo Tempo” by Enrico Maria Artale, the final credits tune for the movie “Tutto Parla Di Te” by Alina Marazzi and the ones for the movie “Match” by Stephen Belber.
The new album “Adagio Furioso” came out on November 11th 2014, still on Santeria Records, and it features a new line up with Bruno Dorella (guitar), Cristian Naldi (guitar), Diego Pasini (bass) and Matteo Sideri (drums).
After one year on tour they reIeased 2 EP’s in 2015, “StaIingrad” on vinyI for Tannen records, and a spIit cd with Uyuni.